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To make it quick and easy for you to apply for the rights to either a Foreign Language Head Office OR a license for your city/town, we have provided ORDER FORMS that you can use. These will give us all the information we need to expedite your request.


Once your application is received, we will get back to you within 24 hours to confirm your right of first refusal for the area requested. Filling in this form DOES NOT obligate you to take this opportunity. It simply allows us to know of your interest so that we can send you further information to help you decide whether this opportunity is right for you.

This form reserves right of second refusal until confirmed that your city/towns are still available for licensing. If already reserved, the time and date of our receipt of this Email form will determine your rights to view this opportunity.

In the case where no Head Office is set up yet for your country, you can STILL reserve your rights - which upon approval, would be serviced by the World Head Office until your country's Head Office is up and operational.

NOTE: It is suggested that you reside in or near the city/towns you wish to license.

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