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Why are we so popular?

  1. It doesn't break the bank to get into business! In most cases, if you've got a few thousand dollars to spend, you can put yourself IMMEDIATELY into your own Coffee News business! And what can you expect to get out of it? With a town population of 50,000 you can make a nice income. In larger cities-- your ship has come in!
  2. It's recession proof! In fact, it is designed to help small businesses to not only survive but Grow during the hard times that can kill off even the established, medium sized companies.
  3. It's virtually competitor-proof! Naturally, when any new idea in advertising is introduced and has the overnight success of Coffee News there will be copycat publications. However, due to trade marking and copyright laws, Coffee News offers a higher level of protection to franchisees. Those that have tried so far have been ordered by the court to "cease and desist" and pay average damages to Coffee News of over $85,000. per settlement. All others not in litigation, have gone out of business on their own as of this printing.
  4. It's mistake proof! Even if you've Never sold advertising in your life, we provide you with the information that makes you an expert! Using our operations manual, you'll quickly understand the logic behind how ads work and will be able to design an ad for ANY advertiser - very quickly.
  5. You'll also learn every aspect of operating your own successful Coffee News franchise - and especially, how to avoid the common mistakes of other publications, particularly, the ones you see every day. We are available to answer your questions on a daily basis. There's also our monthly newsletter "For franchisees, by franchisees" that presents a surprising amount of new ideas for everything to do with running a Coffee News franchisee. We offer quarterly conferences in North America which are open to all franchisees world wide. Add to that the names and phone numbers of every licensee world-wide for you to talk to and get advice from, then there's at least ten great solutions to any problem you happen to run into.
  6. It's down - sizing proof! With advances in technology, it's now commonplace for corporations to announce major layoffs of high paid, well - trained professionals who find it nearly impossible to duplicate their old jobs. And who wants it, if you are going to be faced with another lay - off soon anyway? The world is changing and we need to adapt to it.

As a result, many displaced executives are starting their own business and they need your help and the advantages of Coffee News to survive in the early formative years of the business cycle. Over 50% of all new businesses fail in the first two years. Coffee News is designed to reverse this and help all small businesses to be successful.

This is why we want to make sure there is a Coffee News franchise in every town, and city in America. Its goal, for every community it touches, is to bring back prosperity from the ground-up! It is a win-win situation.

For more information on licensing, contact John Buckley,
VP Franchise Development
Coffee News USA
Phone: (207)941-0860

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